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Our classes offer a wide range of investing strategies, including rentals, flipping, and build-and-sell, and types of properties, from foreclosed assets and pre-selling projects to residential condos and office units. We have a good mix of classes aimed at beginner- and intermediate-level investors and traders.

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Build Your Wealth With Real Estate!

You can learn real estate from reading books. A better way is to learn through our seminars and courses conducted by real property investors who have already built their wealth in real estate.

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Our speakers and mentors are active real estate investors themselves, with millions worth of properties in their portfolio.

Carl Dy

CEO, Spectrum Investments
Carl Dy is the President of Spectrum Investments, a property portfolio management company. He has over a decade of experience…
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Eden April Dayrit

CEO, Manila Open House
Whoever meets Eden April Alemania-Dayrit will see a deep passion in all the things she does. She discovered her core…
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Leila Hernandez

Author, The 9 to 5 Millionaire
Leila Hernandez is the author of The 9 to 5 Millionaire. She worked across different industries and turned around brands…
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Learn from Experts

Our speakers and mentors built their wealth in real estate, not from conducting seminars, so you know you are learning from their hard-earned experience.

Choose Your Strategy

There are many ways to earn from real estate, from the types of properties to invest in to the exit strategy you want, whether it’s flipping, leasing, or holding.

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You can start by trying out one of our half-day seminars to find out which speaker or strategy you like to follow.

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Since 2008, Learning Curve has been at the forefront of educating and empowering investors. Real Estate Academy brings under one brand all our real estate-related classes, seminars, courses, and boot camps.


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